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Jinxin tungsten carbide button


Jinxin tungsten carbide button

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Jinxin tungsten carbide button,With the development of the petroleum industry, the demand for oil well drilling tools has also greatly increased, with cemented carbide balls particularly prominent. Jinxin tungsten carbide button such as
As shown in Figure 1, its one end is a ball head (the mold cavity is retracted, the upper die punchJinxin tungsten carbide buttones down into the female die; 2. After the upper die punch is compressed to a certain stroke, it is lowered together to press the powder once; 3. The female die is lowered to After setting the position, it stops and the upper die punch continues to descend.

tungsten carbide button

Achieve final compaction by secondary compaction; 4. The upper mold rises, the female mold descends to the position where the compact can freely come out; 5. The upper mold punches and the female mold reset, and returns to the original powder position. During the pressing process, the pressing strokes of the female die and the upper die can be adjusted to adjust the density of the upper and lower ends of the pressed blank accordingly.

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