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        Product introduction
        • Product name: Hard Alloy Die Carbide Mould
        • Weight product: 0.00g
        • On time: 2015-10-21
        • Views : 34

        Product Information:

        •Unground/Ground & Unpolished/Polished available
        •Size available
        •Perfect surface
        Grade: YG6X,YG6,YG8 ect
        Also we can send you some samples for your testing.


         Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd, specializes in manufacturing a series of Tungsten Carbide products.such as: Carbide roller /Carbide Saw Tips /Carbide Buttons for Rock Bits /Carbide Inserts for Road Milling /Plaing Bits /Carbide Inserts for Coal Cutter Picks /Carbide Inserts for Snopw Plow Blades /Carbide Inserts for Mining Tools /Carbide Round Rods (dia from 1.0 to 25.4 mm) /Carbide Tubes /Carbide tips for Debarking Bits /Carbide Brazed Inserts or Tips /Carbide pins /Tire studs /Carbide Blanks /Carbide Wear-Parts, etc.

        All of our tungsten Carbide Products are made from the high-purity Original/Virgin Raw Materials and HIP/Sintered, with very high quality and excellent performances. Also the price is very competitive.


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