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Manufacturer custom non-magnetic hard alloy ball



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Manufacturer custom non-magnetic hard alloy ball

Product Description

         Cemented carbide balls, commonly known as tungsten steel balls, refer to balls and balls made of cemented carbide. Cemented carbide balls can be ideally used in harsh environments, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and not easily deformed . It can be used in a high temperature environment higher than 400℃, the hardness of the cemented carbide ball is ≥90.5, and the density is about 14.9g/cm3.


         Cemented carbide balls have a wide range of applications, such as: ball screws, inertial navigation systems, precision parts punched and stretched, precision bearings, instruments, meters, pens, sprayers, water pumps, mechanical accessories, seal valves, brake pumps , Punching holes, oil fields, hydrochloric acid laboratories, hardness measuring instruments, high-quality fishing gear, counterweights, finishing and other high-end industries.


Recommended commonly used grades: YG6 YG8 YN8


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