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Type A Cylindrical Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs



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Type A Cylindrical Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

Product Description

Tungsten Carbide Rotary burrs, which is made of high quality tungsten carbide, is also called tungsten steel rotary. It is usually used with high speed electrical grinding machine or pneumatic tool. It could be used for a variety of machining requirements, such as machining cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, quenched Steel, copper and aluminium etc.

There is different kinds of shapes for tungsten carbide rotary burrs, the mainly used is cylindrical shape, ball shape, flame shape etc. Each shape is generally  represented by the letter A,B,C etc.

Type A is Cylindrical shape, there is the specification for Type A carbide burr.

Item Number Cut Dia Cut Length Shank Dia Overall Length
A0313M03 3 13 3 50
A0413M04 4 13 3 50
A0616M06 6 16 6 61
A0820M06 8 20 6 65
A1020M06 10 20 6 65
A1225M06 12 25 6 70
A1425M06 14 25 6 70
A1625M06 16 25 6 70


Different Shape of tungsten carbie burrs:

Tungsten carbide rotary burrs have a wide range in application, it could be used for machinery, automobile, shipping, chemical, craft sculpture andother industry sector with significantly effective, the application is below:

1. Finish machining all kinds of metal mold cavity, such as shoe mould etc.

2.All kinds of craft sculpture for metal and nonmetal, carving for craft gifts.

3.Clean up the flash, burr and welded joint  of castings, forgings and weldments, mainly for Casting machine factory, Shipbuilding Plant and car factory etc.

4.Chamfering, rounding and groove processing for all kinds of mechanical parts, clean up the pipe and the he inner hole surface of finish machingning parts. Mainly for machinery works, and  repair shops

5.The polishing of the impeller passage, mainly for Automobile engine factory.


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