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Alloy Welding Rod Electrodes a Packet with 10 pieces in a box



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Alloy Welding Rod Electrodes a Packet with 10 pieces in a box

Product Description

Product Description


Tungsten carbide welding rod or YD welding rod or tungsten carbide composite rod is made of sintering tungsten carbide scrap and elastic matrix alloy,

Outside special flux and color is marking scrap grade,CO and WC is the main composition of sintering tungsten carbide,the hardness is HRA 89-91.

The tire body matal is Ni and copper alloy,tensile strength can be up to 690MPa, hardness is HB≥160.

Product Specification


It is mainly used for surfacing welding the oil, mining, coal mining, geology, construction and other industries in some serious wear and tear or artifacts of both cutting.


Such as: milling shoes, grinding, centralizer, reamer, drill pipe joints, hydraulic cutter, scraper, plough planer knives, core bit, piling drill, twist drill, etc.



Packaging and Delivery

Most of Welding Rod, we have stock.


If need produce, according your quantity, normal delivery is 7-15 work days.


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