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Tungsten Carbide Sheet Manufacturers in China



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Tungsten Carbide Sheet Manufacturers in China

Product Description

We can supply standard and customized, polished and blank flat.

Tungsten blank flat
Purity: 99.95% min 
Model: W1/W2/W-Alloy 
Density: 19.3g/m3 
Surface: Polished or alkali washed 

Tungsten blank flat Features
high temperature resistance 
High wear-resistance corrosion-resistance 
High pyroconductivity 
excellent hardenability 



◆High density
◆Good machinability 
◆High modulus of elasticity 
◆Strong corrosion resistance
◆Non-poisonous ,no pollution
◆Good mechanical properties
◆Harmless to the health and environments
◆It can effectively absorb X rays and gamma rays (the absorption of X rays andγ rays is higher than lead 30~40%)


Tungsten blank flat Application
The tungsten carbide sheet had widely application ranges and well effect. 
For example: Various manufactural industry, various material industry, electric light source parts and so on.
Especially, the tungsten carbide sheet is really good at machinery industry, metallurgy industry, aerospace development.


Our Equipment




Packaging and Delivery

Packing: Wooden Carton

Delivery:10-15 working days after receiving the deposit




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