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Why do cemented carbide picks fail?


Why do cemented carbide picks fail?

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                                                                                 Why do cemented carbide picks fail?

     Carbide coal cutters are an important part of rotary excavators. Some enterprise personnel have complained that the cemented carbide coal cutters are invalid, and frequent replacement increases the cost of the company. Here Jinxin will analyze and analyze the reasons for the failure of rotary drilling rig picks.

    In rotary excavation, the cemented carbide coal cutting teeth of rotary excavator are subjected to high periodic compressive stress, shear bending stress, periodic or sudden impact load, thermal stress, wear and other effects when cutting hard strata. The hardness of the formation is not high, but hard ores such as coal gangue and quartz are often encountered, and the pick fails during use. The main failure modes are alloy fragmentation, wear and fracture.


   The main failure modes of the rotary drilling rig picks are wear and the shedding of the pick head. The main reasons for the failure of the cutting stratum teeth are the insufficient bending strength of the alloy, the poor wear resistance of the alloy and the poor fatigue resistance. You can choose Zhuzhou Jinxin's cemented carbide cutting teeth. The large factory here has strong strength, professional and technical personnel, and advanced and complete equipment. The raw materials for preparing cemented carbide cutting teeth are of high purity and reasonable alloy composition. Imported equipment is used to optimize Forming and sintering process, experienced technicians control alloy grain size. Skilled hands heat treatment of alloys to improve performance and quality, increase the life of cemented carbide cutting teeth, reduce the possibility of failure, reduce the frequency of replacement, and save costs.



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