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What are the advantages of tungsten steel inlaid bushings?


What are the advantages of tungsten steel inlaid bushings?

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                                                       What are the advantages of tungsten steel inlaid bushings?


    Our company specializes in the production of tungsten steel inlaid bushings, with advanced equipment and professional technical personnel, and strictly controls the product quality in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system. The main advantages are as follows.

1. The design of the bushing follows the basic principles of mechanics. It is a brittle material with high compressive strength and weak single-resistance shear force.


2. Long service life: The raw material adopts the exclusive formula process, and the wear-resistant element material is added, which greatly improves the service life of the cemented carbide bushing;


3. The processing cost is lower: the imported press is used for pressing and forming, and the overpressure sintering furnace is used for sintering.


4. Fast delivery: various types of molds are complete, the production cycle is fast, even if there is no stock in stock, it can be delivered in a short time.


5. The commonly used shaft numbers are YG8 and YL20.3. Generally, the shaft sleeve with a diameter of more than 90mm (including 90mm) is made of YL20.3 material.


6. Performance: stable quality, good density and high comprehensive performance.


The above are several advantages of "Jingxin" tungsten steel inlaid bushings. Of course, it is not limited to this. We can also customize various specifications and sizes according to customer requirements.


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