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Versatile Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Rings


Versatile Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Rings

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                                                              Versatile Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Rings

     Tungsten carbide mechanical seal ring is the rings which is widely used as the machine seal. The company manufacture various sealing rings, such as flat ring, friction ring, rotating ring, static ring, circle-slot ring. Tungsten carbide seal ring with high precision and quality are wear resistance, scratch proof, corrosion proof, rustles and Long service life. And our company can make kinds of TC rings and excogitate a new model seal independently. The new T.C. has won good reputation among our customers.  Important is we have the development group that can offer new grades for customer.


   Tungsten carbide represents a versatile seal ring material that is broadly applied in all acidic environments. It is generally the material of choice in applications where distortion due to high pressures or rapid wear in abrasive environments are modes of premature failure. Tungsten carbide seals possess a unique combination of high fracture strength and high hardness that minimizes or eliminates these problems. Other favorable properties of tungsten carbide seals include high thermal conductivity values and low coefficients of thermal expansion. These kinds of seal rings lifetime more than other material. There are enjoy high reputation at home and aboard. These characteristics promote the efficient removal of heat and provide dimensional stability at higher operating temperatures.


   It will be used mainly for waste water pump, water discharge pump for the mines, centrifugal pump, centrifuge, slag slurry pump and slurry pump in the adverse working conditions of high speed rotation, sand flush abrasion and corrosion. The seal-ring will be installed on the pump body and rotating axle, and forms through the end face of the kinetc and static ring a liquid or gas seal.


   Our sealing rings are used in many different mechanical seal industries. High precision, high hardness,various size and o type ring,the maximun OD can reach 500mm;Tungsten carbide material,mechanical rotary files,seal ring,stable performance, low maintenance and friction,surface polished,new model can be designed. Factory wholesale price,customise service according to your needs. 


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