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The new carbide sealing ring must be better than the old one?


The new carbide sealing ring must be better than the old one?

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                                                          The new carbide sealing ring must be better than the old one?

   When discussing the quality of the old and new cemented carbide seal rings, we cannot generalize. Relatively speaking, the effect of using the new mechanical seal is better than the old one, but there are also special cases.

   In special cases, the old one may be better than the new one. For example, the quality or grade of the new cemented carbide sealing ring is not properly selected, and the large error in the matching size will affect the sealing effect; in polymeric and permeable media, static rings such as If there is no excessive wear, it is better not to replace it. Because the static ring is in a static state for a long time in the static ring seat, the polymer and impurities are deposited as a whole, which plays a better sealing effect.


  In the mechanical seal, once the cemented carbide sealing ring leaks, do not rush to repair or replace it, but check first. Sometimes the cemented carbide sealing ring does not have a ring, and adjusting the equipment or adjusting the sealing ring can eliminate it. Leakage, which can avoid the waste of resources of tungsten carbide rings, reduce the waste of enterprise costs, lengthen the service cycle, reduce the time cost of procurement, etc., and can also verify their own fault judgment ability and enrich the experience of cemented carbide leakage, Accumulate maintenance experience to improve maintenance quality.


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