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Analysis of Leakage of Carbide Seal Rings


Analysis of Leakage of Carbide Seal Rings

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                                                                       Analysis of Leakage of Carbide Seal Rings


   Carbide sealing rings have the advantages of reliable sealing performance, small leakage, long service life, low power loss and wide application range, and are widely used in various technical fields, especially for high-speed, high-pressure differential working conditions and expensive or Sealing of toxic and corrosive process media. At the same time, the seal is also an important part of the entire mechanical seal, so if there is a problem with the cemented carbide sealing ring, it will lead to leakage.



   In long-term work, the leakage is mainly due to the wear failure between the static and dynamic rings. The friction pair on the end faces of the dynamic and static rings is mainly compressed by the spring thrust to prevent leakage. The tighter the dynamic and static rings are, the less likely they will leak, but the friction between them will also increase. The mirror surfaces of the contact ends of the dynamic and static rings will wear quickly under the action of large friction, and finally fail to leak.


   Or the assembly of cemented carbide seal dynamic and static rings is skewed; the surface finish of the shaft or bushing matched with the seal ring is not enough, or the matching size is too small; the physical or chemical reaction between the seal ring and the sealing medium, corrosion deformation, aging, etc., can cause leakage.


   In the above situation, it is necessary to import and adjust the cemented carbide sealing ring, or repair and replace the cemented carbide ring, solve the problem of sealing leakage, and stop the loss in time.


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