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Carbide sheet manufacturers please choose Jinxin


Carbide sheet manufacturers please choose Jinxin

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                                                          Carbide sheet manufacturers please choose Jinxin


     The main alloy components of cemented carbide sheets are WC and Co. The contents of WC and Co in cemented carbide sheets for different purposes are not consistent, and they are widely used. The main components give cemented carbide high hardness and high wear resistance. The binder of cemented carbide is mainly metal cobalt or metal nickel, etc., which can ensure that the cemented carbide has a certain strength and toughness.

   Tungsten carbide plates are mainly used for drawing dies for wire and bar processing, and are also suitable for rough turning, fine planing and fine milling, general holes on uneven surfaces and intermittent cutting of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials. And deep hole drilling, reaming and making woodworking tools.


    How is Zhuzhou Jinxin's factory cemented carbide plate prepared? What are the advantages that we should choose it. Cemented carbide slats are mainly made of metal WC tungsten carbide powder and Co cobalt mixed by metallurgical methods through powder milling, ball milling, pressing and low pressure sintering. Fine grinding treatment, high dimensional precision, can effectively improve your production efficiency and greatly reduce processing costs.


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