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How to improve the wear resistance of tungsten steel mold


How to improve the wear resistance of tungsten steel mold

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                                                          How to improve the wear resistance of tungsten steel mold

   During the use of tungsten steel molds, early failures often occur, and the failures are mainly wear, corrosion, fusion, adhesion, etc. Failure means to repair the tungsten carbide mold or replace the mold. Repairing the tungsten steel mold or replacing the mold will delay the production cycle, greatly increase the production cost, reduce the efficiency of the enterprise, and affect the competitiveness of the enterprise, so reduce the occurrence of failure and improve the tungsten steel mold. Abrasion resistance is crucial.

   There are many ways to improve the wear resistance of tungsten steel molds. First, choose the appropriate tungsten steel mold grade, with good wear resistance, and then choose a company with good production strength of tungsten steel molds. The quality of raw materials also affects the quality of tungsten steel molds. Abrasion resistance is affected. The most effective solution is PVD coating, which increases surface life, hardens, adds value and improves wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


  After the tungsten alloy mold is coated with vacuum coating, the surface can have a very low friction coefficient, which reduces the processing force. The surface hardness of the tungsten steel mold can be improved after being coated by vacuum coating, which can greatly reduce the surface wear, especially when it is used for high-precision machining, it can obtain very excellent surface quality. After the cold stamping and drawing dies are coated with a vacuum coating, the friction force can be significantly reduced, and the scratches and wear during processing can be significantly reduced. As a result, the life can be increased and the cost can be greatly reduced.



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