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Tungsten Carbide Valve Core in Pneumatic Programmable Globe Valve


Tungsten Carbide Valve Core in Pneumatic Programmable Globe Valve

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                                                                 Tungsten Carbide Valve Core in Pneumatic Programmable Globe Valve

   What is a pneumatic program-controlled globe valve, and what role does the carbide valve core? Pneumatic program-controlled globe valve is an executive component of industrial production process automation. It controls the opening and closing of the valve through the signal sent by the industrial controller or the adjustment signal source.

   Pneumatic program-controlled globe valve can be widely used in automatic control and remote control system of flammable, explosive, toxic and other gas medium in the production process of gas separation industry, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, light textile and other industries. The working conditions are relatively harsh, so the requirements for the material of the parts are also high. The carbide material is notoriously wear-resistant, durable and corrosion-resistant, so the carbide spool is naturally the first choice.


  What role does the carbide spool play here? When the actuator signal causes the compressed air to enter the cylinder from the bottom channel of the cylinder through the connecting plate, it pushes the piston to move up to the limit, and at the same time drives the valve stem to move vertically upwards to separate the cemented carbide valve core from the sealing surface of the valve seat. , the valve is fully opened; when the signal of the actuator is reversed, so that the compressed air enters the cylinder from the cylinder head channel through the connecting plate, pushes the piston to move downward, and drives the valve stem to move downward vertically, making the hard alloy spool move vertically downward. The alloy valve core and the valve seat sealing surface are closed, and the valve is completely closed.



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