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About Tungsten Carbide Roller Ring


About Tungsten Carbide Roller Ring

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                                              About Tungsten Carbide Roller Ring


  Tungsten carbide mechanical seal ring is the rings which is widely used as the machine seal. The company manufacture various sealing rings, such as flat ring, friction ring, rotating ring, static ring, circle-slot ring. Tungsten carbide seal ring with high precision and quality are wear resistance, scratch proof, corrosion proof, rustles and Long service life. And our company can make kinds of TC rings and ex-cogitate a new model seal independently. The new T.C. has won good reputation among our customers.  Important is we have the development group that can offer new grades for customer.


  The cemented carbide seal-ring can be divided into both of the kinetic seal-ring and static seal-ring, and constitutes mechanic seal together with the spring, rubber seal-ring and steel jacket.


  It will be used mainly for waste water pump, water discharge pump for the mines, centrifugal pump, centrifuge, slag slurry pump and slurry pump in the adverse working conditions of high speed rotation, sand flush abrasion and corrosion. The seal-ring will be installed on the pump body and rotating axle, and forms through the end face of the kinetic and static ring a liquid or gas seal.


  Choose custom-made tungsten carbide rolls and choose Zhuzhou Jinxin, specializing in non-standard carbide processing for 20 years. Our company is equipped with a series of professional production high-precision processing equipment and rich technical experience, from tungsten steel raw material production to precision tungsten steel parts processing and manufacturing, customized processing according to customer drawings or sample size accuracy requirements.


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