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About the classification of tungsten carbide rolls


About the classification of tungsten carbide rolls

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                                                                  About the classification of tungsten carbide rolls

  Tungsten carbide rolls are made of tool materials with high hardness and high wear resistance, and their main components are tungsten carbide and cobalt bonded metals. It plays an important role in the system and is loved by people in the industry. When purchasing products, correctly select the grade of tungsten carbide roller and the type of tungsten carbide roll to achieve the best match.

(1) Flat roll. The roll body of the strip mill roll is cylindrical. Generally, the rolls of hot-rolled steel mills are made into a slightly concave shape, and when heated and expanded, a better shape can be obtained; the rolls of cold-rolled steel mills are made of slightly convex shapes, and the rolls are bent during rolling to obtain a good shape.

(2) Grooved rolls. For rolling large, medium and small steel, wire rod and blooming. Roll grooves are engraved on the surface of the rolls to shape the rolled pieces.

(3) Special rolls. It is used for special rolling mills such as steel pipe rolling mills, wheel rolling mills, steel ball rolling mills, and piercing mills. The rolls of this mill have different shapes. For example, the rolls rolled by the principle of skew rolling in steel pipe rolling are conical, drum-shaped or disc-shaped.

The above is the classification of tungsten carbide rolls. Choose tungsten carbide rolls according to your own usage. Improve business efficiency.



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