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Jinxin 4 cord strengths to provide you with sponge


Jinxin 4 cord strengths to provide you with sponge

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                                                        Jinxin 4 cord strengths to provide you with sponge

 Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is located in China's cemented carbide production base - Zhuzhou, Hunan. The company has many years of professional cemented carbide production history. Focus on the R&D and production of cemented carbide ball teeth, tungsten carbide round bars, plates, mold materials, wear-resistant alloy materials, automobile tire cleats, and supporting carbide precision parts, bearings, bushings, valve parts processing, through years of development, Jinxin Company has won the favor of customers with stable product quality and rich product categories.


 Since its establishment, Zhuzhou Jinxin factory Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to the talent development strategy. It has a production and R&D team with a group of professional engineers and technical backbone teams, and has established industry-university-research demonstration cooperation with metal materials disciplines of colleges and universities, which can provide various users. Provide complete product design, technical solutions, technical training and technical consultation, etc., to help users solve various problems encountered in the process of use.


A. The company insists on using technical talents to create cemented carbide products that satisfy customers.

Product advantages:

1. All products are produced with raw materials;

2. We are the source factory with affordable prices;

3. The product range is complete, and there is a large inventory of conventional models.


B. Strong non-standard customization ability:

1. Support the customization of drawings and samples, professional customized manufacturers;

2. There are a large number of successful customization cases in various industries, and reasonable selection of materials can be made according to different application fields. Processing to achieve the desired effect of customers;

3.Fast delivery of customized products, as fast as 7 days.


C. Technical advantages:

1. Has more than 30 invention patents;

2. Strong technical strength and advanced processing equipment;

3. It is a national high-tech enterprise.


D. Pre-sale and after-sale quality assurance:

1. The products are produced in strict accordance with the ISO certification system;

2. 20 process inspections are carried out before leaving the warehouse;

3. Door-to-door service, design, targeted solutions, and free returns for product quality problems are available.



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