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Try Zhuzhou Jinxin Tungsten Carbide Round Bar


Try Zhuzhou Jinxin Tungsten Carbide Round Bar

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                                                                  Try Zhuzhou Jinxin Tungsten Carbide Round Bar

   Zhuzhou Jinxin is the industry leader of cemented carbide products, and the industry leader of Jinxin products. All products are produced by finishing, without quality recycled materials, and can provide material reports. Very excellent products and corporate reputation, the production provides high-quality Products have always been the line we stick to. The R&D and production capacity, and the technical level of the process bottom are the industry-leading level.

   The grades of tungsten alloy round rods produced by Zhuzhou Jinxin are: YL10.1, YL10.2, YL10.5, YU50, YU08, YF06, YF08, YG6X, etc. They have excellent performance in the field of metal processing and difficult-to-machine materials, and have obtained Compliments from customers around the world.


   Zhuzhou Jinxin has always been market-oriented, pursuing technological innovation, and focusing on research and development of high-performance new materials. At the same time, each production management link strictly implements the ISO9001 management system, and clearly defines the quality policy and objectives of carbide round bars; strive to provide customers with high-quality, low-cost carbide round bars.