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Diverse production technologies for decrypting tungsten carbide rods


Diverse production technologies for decrypting tungsten carbide rods

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                                                  Diverse production technologies for decrypting tungsten carbide rods


   There are many production technologies for tungsten rods. From the perspective of production technology, the production methods of tungsten alloy rods with different chemical compositions are different. For example, tungsten-nickel-iron alloy rods can be produced by powder metallurgy technology or injection molding technology. Both powder metallurgy and injection molding methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us understand the specific production technology of tungsten rods.

     Injection molding refers to a technology in which a model with a certain shape is injected into the cavity of the molten state by pressure to manufacture the desired product. The tungsten copper alloy rod is usually manufactured by the copper infiltration method, that is, the tungsten powder is first pressed and formed, and then sintered into a tungsten skeleton with a certain porosity, and then a series of operations such as infiltration of copper elements can be done.


  In terms of use, tungsten rods are widely used in military, national defense, aerospace, aviation, navigation, lighting, automobiles and other fields. When tungsten rods are processed into wires, they can be used as filaments, support wires and lead-in wires; Manufactured into various electrodes, high-speed tools and sputtering targets.