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Tungsten Carbide Ball Mill Tank Cleaning Recommendations


Tungsten Carbide Ball Mill Tank Cleaning Recommendations

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                                                         Tungsten Carbide Ball Mill Tank Cleaning Recommendations

   After using the tungsten carbide ball mill for a period of time, it is found that there will be residues of related materials with different adhesion levels on the ball mill. How to clean the tungsten carbide ball mill jar has become a problem that everyone must deal with.



1. Wash with water

This is the simplest and most direct cleaning method. The tungsten carbide ball mill can be washed directly with water, and the tungsten carbide ball mill can be cleaned after repeated washing, and it will hardly cause any damage to the can.


2. Grinding ball with water and detergent

In view of the oil, solvent and other substances that cannot be washed away by water in the tank, you can place the dirty grinding ball in the tank, add a little water, then add detergent, soapy water or professional detergent, and place it on the machine , running at low speed for five to ten minutes.


3. Ultrasonic or plasma cleaning machine

This method belongs to mechanical cleaning; for some oils and viscous substances, with the help of ultrasonic waves or plasma, the adherents can be effectively shattered, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


  The above three methods are suggestions for cleaning tungsten carbide ball mill jars, which have been used by major industries. If you have purchasing needs, you can contact us, Zhuzhou Jinxin, specializing in the manufacture of carbide ball mill jars.


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