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Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Apparatus - Tungsten Steel Needle


Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Apparatus - Tungsten Steel Needle

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                                  Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Apparatus - Tungsten Steel Needle


   Tungsten steel needles are made through multiple processes such as drawing, straightening, sharpening, etc. Tungsten steel needles are wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, good toughness, long life, and are used in the field of acupuncture.



   Acupuncture is commonly known as fire needle, also known as burning needle and other names. It is a method of quickly piercing the acupoint with a red-hot needle to treat the disease. When acupuncture, use a red-hot needle to quickly pierce the selected acupoint, that is, to quickly withdraw the needle. The depth of fire needling depends on the condition, constitution, age, and the thickness of the muscles and blood vessels at the acupuncture site. Generally, acupuncture on the limbs, waist and abdomen is slightly deeper, 2-5 minutes deep, acupuncture on the chest and back points should be shallow, 1-2 minutes deep, and Jiaji acupoints can be punctured 3-5 minutes deep. It can be seen from this that the requirements for needles are high temperature resistance, sharpness, non-toxicity, no pollution, and fast heating.


   The fire needle is made of stainless steel, with a thick, round body, sharp and sharp, but the stainless steel fire needle is annealed, discolored and softened when it is fired, and the needle body is eroded and easy to bend, which is not conducive to clinical use. The tungsten steel fire needle is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, wear, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and is not easy to deform.


   Zhuzhou Jinxin accepts customized tungsten steel needles of various types. Jinxin has professional production workshops, skilled craftsmen, professional technical guidance personnel, and high-quality raw materials. 


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