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Talk about super cow tungsten carbide plate


Talk about super cow tungsten carbide plate

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                                                                        Talk about super cow tungsten carbide plate

    Tungsten alloy plate, as the most common product of high specific gravity tungsten-based alloy, although there are differences in length, thickness and shape, but all use transition metal tungsten as the hard phase, and metal nickel, iron, copper, silver and other elements are products of the binder phase.

   Tungsten alloy plates have different physical indicators such as color, density, strength, thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient due to the different amount of binder and binder used. For example, when nickel and iron are used as the bonding phase, the color of the square is silvery white, and the ratio of nickel and iron is generally 7:3 or 1:1. Thermal conductivity, plasticity, density and other requirements determine the ratio of raw materials.


    If you have any questions about the model of tungsten alloy plate, you can consult the customer service staff of Zhuzhou Jinxin, who can make suggestions on your product selection. Zhuzhou Jinxin has a professional technical team and a careful customer service team to bring you worry-free sales. Before and after sales.



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