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Properties of Tungsten Carbide Weights


Properties of Tungsten Carbide Weights

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                                                                           Properties of Tungsten Carbide Weight

   Tungsten carbide counterweights are mainly used for balancing weights, such as tire counterweights, ship counterweights, hoist counterweights, etc. Tungsten alloy counterweights are made of tungsten-nickel-copper alloy and tungsten-nickel-iron alloy. Although both are a typical three-phase alloy in tungsten-based alloys, due to the different binders used, the two have different physical and chemical properties, There are also big differences in process parameters and uses.

   Generally, the powder is pressed into the embryo body after the raw material ratio, and then plastically processed by sintering, and finally the required tungsten alloy counterweight is obtained. Such tungsten alloy weights have high melting point, high density, high tensile strength, good toughness, good wear resistance, excellent ductility, low thermal expansion coefficient, strong oxidation resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

   Of course, the metal powder materials of the raw materials are different, and the final products obtained are also different. Different material ratios will also lead to changes in the multi-attributes of the finished product. For example, if the color changes and too much copper is added, the color of the tungsten alloy weight will be more copper-colored, and due to the good thermal conductivity of copper, the thermal conductivity of the natural finished tungsten alloy weight will also become better. Phase material, increase the content of tungsten, the melting point and density of the tungsten alloy weight will be greater.

 Of course, this kind of demand ultimately has to match raw materials according to the needs of enterprises, and prepare tungsten alloy counterweights that are satisfactory to major enterprises. Zhuzhou Jinxin is committed to solving enterprise problems and providing high-quality cemented carbide products for major enterprises.