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Tapered drill bit manufacturer


Tapered drill bit manufacturer

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                                                                                 Tapered drill bit manufacturer


         As the name suggests, the ball-tooth drill bit has a spherical metal surface and is distributed on the entire tool surface like human teeth. It is a kind of rock drilling tool that appeared with the development of hydraulic rock drills. That is a one-piece alloy. This tool itself has the characteristics of being more wear-resistant than other types, with high working efficiency, fast drilling speed, saving auxiliary man-hours, and is suitable for fast excavation of high-power rock drills.

      Zhuzhou Jinxin is a manufacturer of ball-tooth drill bits. The ball-tooth drill bits produced are of good quality, fast and stable chisel speed, and long regrinding cycle of the drill bit. In addition, the correct operation of the ball-tooth drill bit can reduce product failures. The possibility of exerting the due quality level, using passivation treatment, the service life is longer. Nowadays, the proportion of ball tooth drill bits in the rock drilling tool market is increasing, and many manufacturers have appeared, and Zhuzhou Jinxin is one of the largest and leading quality ball tooth drill bit manufacturers, because Jinxin Having high-precision processing equipment, reasonable processing technology and heat treatment technology is the premise to ensure product quality.



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