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Manufacturers customize tungsten mould, steel ball die blank


Manufacturers customize tungsten mould, steel ball die blank

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Product Introduction of High Temperature Resistant Wear Resistant Cemented Carbide Die Cold Stamping Die


Carbide round dies, cold pier dies, and hot and cold stamping dies are dies for cutting, pre-forming and forming cold-formed parts on a cold heading machine.



Product Features of tungsten mould


The material has high density, high strength and impact resistance, and long service life. Other specifications and models can be customized according to user requirements.


If you want to know more about cemented carbide round dies, cold heading dies, stamping dies, welcome to inquire! We are tungsten carbide factory


[Recommended main grades of cemented carbide stamping dies and cold pier dies]


MK11 Suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metal powder molding and stamping

MK15 Applicable to the drawing of steel rods and steel pipes under high compression ratios, tops, piercing and punching tools that work under high stress.

MG20 Suitable for making stamping dies

YM40 Suitable for general wear-resistant and impact-resistant molds

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