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Optimal processing method of tungsten carbide mold parts


Optimal processing method of tungsten carbide mold parts

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        In the mold processing and stamping industries, if you want to improve the processing efficiency, it is necessary to achieve high-precision processing. How to achieve high-precision processing, so that the tungsten carbide mold parts can play the best effect, so as to achieve the purpose. Zhuzhou Jinxin has suggestions.



1. The processing of tungsten carbide die parts should regularly change the direction of the movement trajectory to avoid premature repetition. The better the grinding method, the smoother it is, which can improve the surface quality of the workpiece.


2. The machining of tungsten steel mold parts should ensure that the workpiece is in uniform contact with all surfaces of the grinding tool. This can make the surface of the grinding tool evenly stressed, wear evenly, and maintain the surface accuracy of the grinding tool itself for a long time.


3. The processing of tungsten steel mold parts should choose the best speed according to different grinding process requirements. When grinding large and slender workpieces, low-speed grinding should be selected; when grinding small-sized or low-precision workpieces, medium-speed or high-speed grinding should be selected to improve production efficiency.


4. Try to ensure that the grinding amount of each point on the surface of the grinding workpiece is the same. This is critical to the geometric accuracy and dimensional uniformity of the workpiece.


It is convenient, labor-saving and safe to process tungsten steel mold accessories to ensure the performance and quality of the product, that is, it is necessary to understand professionalism and flexibly use basic knowledge in the production process.



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