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What are the advantages of non-magnetic alloy molds?


What are the advantages of non-magnetic alloy molds?

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      Non-magnetic alloys refer to cemented carbide materials that are not magnetic or have very weak magnetic properties. Because the forming molds for making magnetic materials require the use of magnetic materials, most non-magnetic steels were produced on the market in the past, so everyone uses non-magnetic steel molds, but the performance of non-magnetic steel molds is not good, and the hardness is low, and the service life It's not too long. According to everyone's feedback, after a long-term use of non-magnetic steel molds, its inner wall will be severely roughened and deformed, which will affect the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of magnetic materials. The non-magnetic cemented carbide molds currently used have excellent performance, such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong hardness, and gradually replaced non-magnetic steel molds. Magnetic cemented carbide molds greatly improve work efficiency.



        At present, the manufacturing industry needs high-performance mold products, which can only improve production efficiency and promote economic development, which is also an important means of development. In the petroleum industry, high-quality equipment manufacturing is the basic equipment to ensure long-term safety in production, so the performance requirements for non-magnetic alloy mold products are strict, which also reflects the use of non-magnetic hard alloy molds in the petroleum industry, aerospace, automotive Applications in industries and other fields play an important role in the development of these industries. According to the difference of products, non-magnetic alloy mold products are customized alloy mold products produced according to special requirements.



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