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About the application range of tungsten carbide rods


About the application range of tungsten carbide rods

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      Tungsten carbide rods are cemented carbide round rods, also called tungsten steel rods, which are simply tungsten steel round rods or cemented carbide round rods. Cemented carbide is a composite material composed of refractory metal compounds (hard phase) and binder metal (bonding phase) produced by powder metallurgy.



     Cemented carbide rods are mainly used for drills, end mills, and reamers. It can also be used for cutting, punching and measuring tools. It is used in papermaking, packaging, printing, and non-ferrous metal processing industries. In addition, it is also widely used for processing high-speed steel tools, cemented carbide milling cutters, cemented carbide tools, NAS cutting tools, aviation tools, cemented carbide drills, milling cutter core bits, high-speed steel, taperd milling cutters, metric Milling cutters, micro-end milling cutters, reaming pilots, electronic tools, step drills, metal cutting saws, double-guaranteed gold drills, gun barrels, angle milling cutters, cemented carbide rotary files, cemented carbide tools, etc.

   Our advantage is carbide rod manufacture, especially support for customized drawings and samples, advanced processing equipment, particularly strong processing capabilities, for cemented carbide bars can be customized according to your needs and purposes.


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