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Take a look at the process of tungsten carbide rods


Take a look at the process of tungsten carbide rods

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       Tungsten carbide rods are cemented carbide cutting tools, which are suitable for different rough grinding parameters, cutting materials and non-metallic materials. At the same time, cemented carbide rods can also be applied to traditional automatic and semi-automatic lathes and soon.



     The main process flow includes powder milling and formula. Because different application fields have different requirements for hardness and strength, it must be prepared according to the purpose, and then wet milled, mixed, pulverized, dried and sieved. Then add the forming agent and dry again. After drying and sieving, the mixture is prepared. After granulating the material, it is pressed into a shape and placed in the equipment for low-pressure sintering. At this time, it is formed, but at this time it is only a tungsten carbide rods blank. The rods need external cylindrical grinding and fine grinding. If you only need the rough cemented carbide rods, there is no need, and there is no such process. After that, the size is tested, and then packaged and stored.

    Jinxin is the professional carbide rod manufacture, which will continue to develop new products according to market needs to improve and enhance performance. Many of our product materials are independently developed and have exclusive formulas that have better performance than market counterparts.


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