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Zhuzhou Jinxin supplies high-quality tungsten carbide pilot


Zhuzhou Jinxin supplies high-quality tungsten carbide pilot

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      Zhuzhou Jinxin supplies a large number of cemented carbide pilot, "Jingxin" cemented carbide plungers, the product quality is stable, the use of high-quality raw materials, high-precision automatic equipment, the production precision of cemented carbide plungers, will be carried out before delivery Multi-process inspection. The company covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters, with diversified production lines and experienced technicians, so the production capacity is large and the delivery time is short.

    The tungsten carbide plunger is mainly used to transport fluid in a pump or compressor. The main principle is equipped in a cylinder, it can be moved back and forth or push-pull, and there are two inlet and outlet pipes and the cylinder body with valves respectively. Connected, the gap between the plunger and the cylinder is equipped with a suitable seal, and the moving fluid before and after the plunger is continuously transported to the target. This is the role of the plunger.


    Usually the plunger is used in the occasions with high working pressure, and even the transported fluid is corrosive, so the requirements for the plunger are high. At this time, it is very wise to choose the cemented carbide plunger, because the cemented carbide material has good chemical and physical properties. The cemented carbide plunger has the characteristics of high wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance, which can meet various working conditions. Compared with plungers of other materials, the use time will be longer.



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