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Summary of types and uses of cemented carbide balls


Summary of types and uses of cemented carbide balls

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      Cemented carbide balls also called tungsten steel balls, refer to spherical products made of cemented carbide materials. Due to the characteristics of cemented carbide, the cemented carbide balls made have high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, Excellent characteristics such as bending resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., are much better than the performance of steel balls on the market. At present, cemented carbide balls have been widely used, and excellent quality cemented carbide balls can completely replace steel balls, so many businesses have begun to purchase cemented carbide balls to replace steel balls. When purchasing, you must have some doubts, what type should I choose?



   Cemented carbide balls have a wide range of applications, such as: precision bearings, instruments, pens, sprayers, water pumps, mechanical parts, sealing valves, brake pumps, punching holes, oil fields, hydrochloric acid laboratories, hardness measuring instruments, fishing gear, counterweights , Decoration and so on. Cemented carbide balls are made of high-hardness, refractory metal carbides (WC, TiC) micron powder as the main component, with cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), and molybdenum (Mo) as binders, in a vacuum furnace or Powder metallurgy products sintered in a hydrogen reduction furnace, and common brands mainly include YG, YN, YT, YW series. If you want to purchase cemented carbide balls but do not know which grade to choose, you can contact our account manager of Jinxin who will recommend the appropriate grade according to your purpose and usage.



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