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"Jingxin" cemented carbide sheet introduction


"Jingxin" cemented carbide sheet introduction

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         Cemented carbide plate is also known as tungsten steel block, tungsten steel plate, and cemented carbide hard material middle plate. A shape (or shape) is named after an oval shape.


       Zigong's "Jingxin" brand cemented carbide sheet is mainly made of metal WC tungsten powder and cobalt mixed with metallurgical powder, carbon granular particles, rolling isostatic gold signal, rolling cryogenic treatment and other processes, which can improve the alloy's Comprehensive, the product body has good compactness, no holes and no blisters, suitable machinery and equipment, high dimensional accuracy, long production life, effectively improving efficiency and reducing processing costs.



        The main alloy components of the cemented carbide sheet are WC and Co. The content of WC and Co in the cemented carbide sheet under different usage conditions is not the same, and the grades can be recommended according to the customer's use.


    Commonly used metal carbides are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, niobium carbide and vanadium carbide, etc., which can make the cemented carbide have high hardness and high wear resistance. The cementing agent of cemented carbide is mainly metallic cobalt or metallic nickel, etc., which can ensure that the cemented carbide has certain strength and toughness. The production of cemented carbide plates is made of raw materials, no recycled materials are used, and the quality is assured and guaranteed.



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