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Standard use of DTH drill bits


Standard use of DTH drill bits

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                                                                        Standard use of DTH drill bits


   As a drill tool user, hope that the product will be more durable and have a longer lifespan to reduce time and money investment. However, due to actual drilling conditions or incorrect operation of the drill bit, wear patterns are often formed. It is assumed that before the wear cycle arrives If you stop grinding without early judgment, it will result in poor drill performance or premature failure. The following method can effectively stop the maintenance of the drill bit and extend the service life of the drill bit.

1. Make sure that the drill bit (except for some tungsten carbide button) is not in contact with the metal surface.


2. Before any transportation or priority authorization may cause damage, the drill bit should be checked. For the convenience of future inspection, the number and serial number of the drill bit should be remembered.


3. Before assembling the impactor, make sure that all the splines of the drill bit are coated with grease


4. Check the damaged and corroded impact end, which is usually due to lack of lubrication. Foreign parts are used in the piston and impact end.


5. A ruptured impact end is usually caused by severe wear of the piston, circlip, bottom bushing, or retaining ring.


This is part of the standard use of down-the-hole drills. If you want to know more, follow us and show you all the knowledge of down-the-hole drills.



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