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About the tungsten fishing weights china


About the tungsten fishing weights china

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                                               About the tungsten fishing weights china


Our tungsten weights are made from 97% tungsten material which density is about 18g/cm3.It is about half smaller than lead sinkers if the same size.

1. tungsten carbide fish sinker
2. High stability, long life circle
3. Good abrasive and corrosion resistance
4. High quality and high hardness
5. Direct factory sale with reasonable price
6. Short and on time delivery

The material is 97% pure tungsten.Compare to lead and brass, it is smaller,more environmentally friendly.

Due to the innovation in technology,the biggest feature of our product is that the inner hole is smooth and surface is chip resistent. 

When fishing, does a tungsten alloy fish sinker really have such a fishing effect? If you have such a question, it is difficult to answer how deep the water should be and what size tungsten alloy fish sinker should be used. How to match the tungsten alloy fish sinker with different wire sizes? In different fish situations, what size tungsten alloy fish sinker should be used? What effect do long fish sinkers and short fish sinkers have on fishing? These are issues closely related to the final capture of the angler. Under different water depths, fish sinkers of different sizes will have different entry states. Under the general fishing rules, every time you catch deep water, you will be affected by the water pressure. It is a very reasonable choice to use a larger fish sinker. When fishing in shallow water, a small fish drop is enough. In addition, the state and sound of a big fish falling into the water is far greater than that of a small fish falling into the water. Fishing in shallow water is to prevent the sound of fish falling into the water from disturbing the fish school, so small fish sinkers are often used when fishing in shallow water.


In specific fishing, each additional meter of water depth can roughly increase the weight of a gram of fish sinker. But this is not similar to a mathematical equation. In waters with a water depth of about two meters, the use range of fish sinkers is generally between one gram and 2.5 grams. When the water depth exceeds four meters, most of the fish sinkers used weigh more than five grams. Buy the tungsten weight choose jinxin



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