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Zhuzhou Jinxin Marketing Center staff training and learning


Zhuzhou Jinxin Marketing Center staff training and learning

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                                                 Zhuzhou Jinxin Marketing Center staff training and learning


    On December 6th, Zhuzhou Jinxin Company organized the employees of the marketing center to participate in the factory process quality and application knowledge training of bulbous alloys. Since the marketing center is several kilometers away from the factory, the family members in the center will come into contact with the miniaturization of the factory at important moments. There is still a conceptual stage in understanding the actual production process of the product, so the company deliberately organizes everyone to visit the factory and join the workers. Training courses for learning.



   First of all, the first training course is the quality of the pressing process taught by Long Shuihai, mainly from the molding concept, the classification and characteristics of the pressing method, the pull-down demoulding method and its characteristics, the preloading demoulding method and its characteristics, and the process parameters in the pressing process. The meaning of the medium, the significance of the process parameters in the pressing process, the effect of the OB value on the accuracy of the blank, etc. are explained in detail, combined with the problems and cases encountered in actual combat, the possible situation of the occurrence of the waste and the type of the waste are analyzed, and it is proposed after Z I hope these solutions can help everyone and reduce the scrap rate.


   The second training course is the button alloy application training lectured by Liu Qiang, mainly from the working process of down-the-hole drilling, the working process of three-cone cone drills for mining and oil, hydraulic thread jig drills, and the application fields of pick tools And the seven aspects of the work process, the work process of the roller machine, the work process of the single palm cone drill, and the application field of the hob are described. The pictures are used to explain each case and product, which is very clear and easy to understand.


   After the training, you can visit the factory and take photos on your own. Everyone expressed their praise. They believed that the training and the factory visit have a targeted effect on the development of employees and the company. It can help everyone quickly and deeply understand the products and processes, and enhance everyones professional knowledge. Facilitate communication with customers and promote transactions.



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