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Tungsten carbide valve core is used in traps


Tungsten carbide valve core is used in traps

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                                    Tungsten carbide valve core is used in traps


      The tungsten carbide valve core is an important part of the disc type steam insulation trap. The tungsten carbide valve core is made of cemented carbide, because cemented carbide has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and stable chemical properties. The application of hard alloy valve core in this kind of trap is very popular in the industry.

      The working principle of the disc-type steam insulation trap is the same as that of the thermodynamic trap. It adds a shell outside the steam chamber of the thermodynamic trap. The inner chamber of the shell communicates with the steam pipe, and the main steam chamber of the trap is insulated by the steam of the pipe itself. The temperature of the main steam chamber is not easy to cool down, the steam pressure is maintained, and the trap is closed tightly. When condensed water is generated in the pipeline, the temperature of the trap shell is cooled, and the trap starts to drain; if there is no condensed water on the superheated steam pipeline, the trap will not open, and the work quality is high. The temperature of the valve is very high when it is working, so it uses a hard alloy valve core, which can be durable and has a long service life. It is a special trap for high pressure, high temperature and superheated steam.


       Compared with other material spools, cemented carbide spools are more suitable for use in such traps, which can reduce the possibility of damage to the spool and the number of times the spool is replaced, thereby effectively reducing the cost of the enterprise. To purchase cemented carbide spools, you can choose Zigong Jinxin. We have more than 20 years of history and rich experience in the production and processing of cemented carbide spools. Tungsten carbide spools are sold all over the world and are well received by customers.


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