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Solid high gravity cheap tungsten fishing weights


Solid high gravity cheap tungsten fishing weights

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                                                Solid high gravity cheap tungsten fishing weights

For fishing lovers who like to cast from afar, Zhuzhou Jinxin after testing, developed a solid high specific gravity luminous cheap tungsten fishing weights, this cheap tungsten fishing weights has the following characteristics:

1. Ultra-long throw, fly like iron plate; The flying distance can reach more than 70 meters (different people's equipment);

2. Strong wind resistance.

3. Through the steel wire, strong, to achieve sudden big fish attack small bait (enough to deal with large warped mouth, yellow cheek fish, sea bass, blind trough, large grouper, peacock perch, dorman and other species of fish);

4. Linear low center of gravity design, aerodynamic design without center of gravity movement, realizing the first attitude when falling into water;

5. Solid transparent body, imitation fish body;

6. Wide variety: customers can choose grams according to their own needs.

7. Luminous at night, no longer afraid of fishing at night, can not see the cheap tungsten fishing weights.

8. Environmental protection, non-toxic, environmental protection.

Zhuzhou Jinxin also supports customization, professional customization manufacturers, advanced processing equipment, strong processing capacity, there are a large number of successful customization cases in various industries, according to different application fields for reasonable material selection, reasonable optimization to achieve customer ideal use effect.


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