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How to Choose the Tungsten Alloy Fishing jig


How to Choose the Tungsten Alloy Fishing jig

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                                                       How to Choose the Tungsten Alloy Fishing jig

      Tungsten jig plays a very important role in the combination of fishing tackle, but the design is complex and diverse, and there are many types of grams. It is difficult for the fishing novice to know how to choose. The good tungsten alloy fishing jig can get half the result with twice the effort. So how to choose a Tungsten jig according to the fishing scene?

Generally, the hand rod is mostly used for fishing on the shore, so the selection of fish drop should not frighten the fish for the principle, so the fish drop should be light and small, when entering the water can be silent, splash is also small, strong vigilance of nearshore, shallow water fish can ensure that it will not scare away.

      The tungsten jig is more useful in the sea pole, we should be carefully to selected. For the heavy rod, a Tungsten jig of more than 60 grams should be selected to give full play to the efficiency of the rod and make the hook cast farther. For the short and thin rod, a heavy pendant of about 50 grams should not be used because of its soft body. Considering from the shape of falling, when the bottom is flat and the silt is thin, three-dimensional falling should be applied, that is, spherical or jujube shape. When the mud is thick and the water is not deep, the plate shape pendant and plate shape pendant should be used to take the usual place where it is not easy to sink into the mud and not easy to hang the bottom. If the bottom situation is not clear, it should also choose a chip pendant, because it is not easy to enter the mud, when the line has a certain lift, will not catch the bottom. It is recommended to use 100g or even 200g if you want to throw 100m.

         Have you learned how to choose tungsten alloy fishing jig? To buy tungsten jig, please choose Zhuzhou Jinxin. Zhuzhou Jinxin Tungsten jig variety, complete spot, product quality assurance, cost-effective, fast delivery time. At the same time, it also supports the production, processing and customization of cemented carbide products, and is a well-known company in the industry.


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