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Hard alloy ball valve use troubleshooting


Hard alloy ball valve use troubleshooting

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What is the situation of leakage phenomenon of hard alloy ball valve?  Most of the reason is because the ball valve can not be closed when it is closed, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, so when we encounter these problems how to deal with, the following explains the causes and elimination of several common faults.  

1. The sphere is washed over.  Hard alloy ball valve 

Elimination method: assembly should be correct, operation should be smooth, not allowed to be used as throttle valve;  After the ball overturned, it should be repaired in time and the sealing seat should be replaced.  

2. The sealing surface is damaged when used for throttling function.  

Exclusions: Ball valves are not allowed to be used as throttles.  

3. The sealing surface is crushed.  

Elimination method: tighten the seat bolt should be uniform, the force should be small, it is better to tighten several times, not too much too tight at one time, the damaged sealing surface can be scraped repair.  

4. There is no pre-tightening pressure on the sealing surface.  

Elimination method: the sealing surface of the valve seat should be regularly checked for pre-tightening pressure, and if the sealing surface is found to have leakage or loose contact, the sealing surface of the valve seat should be slightly pressed;  Preloaded spring loss effect replacement.  

5, wrench, valve stem and ball connection gap is large, the wrench has reached the closed position, the ball rotation Angle is less than 90 degrees, resulting in leakage.  

Elimination ethod: the connection of the wrench, valve stem and sphere of the limited mechanism is loose and the gap is too large should be repaired, fastening to be firm;  Adjust the limit block, eliminate the wrench advance Angle, make the sphere open and close correctly.  

6, valve seat and body contact surface is not smooth, wear, O ring damage to the valve seat leakage.  

Elimination method: improve the surface finish of the valve seat and body, reduce the number of valve seat disassembly, and replace the O-ring regularly.  

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