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How to Measure the Quality of Tungsten Carbide Dies


How to Measure the Quality of Tungsten Carbide Dies

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How to Measure the Quality of Tungsten Carbide Dies


When you purchasing carbide die or want to know the quality of the die, but do not know where to start, Zhuzhou Jinxin teach you to measure the quality of carbide die from four aspects.


1, The quality of the product: the stability of the product size, the fit, the brightness of the product appearance, the application rate of the product material, etc.


2, Life expectancy: the number of work cycles or the number of consumed parts that the die can complete under the premise of ensuring the quality of product.


3, The operation and maintenance of mold: whether it is the most convenient to use, easy to release the mold, consumption of auxiliary time as short as possible.


4, for the mold has been bought, you can look at the maintenance cost, maintenance periodicity and so on.


Zhuzhou Jinxin specializes in the production and processing of custom cemented carbide molds, is old enterprises more than 20 years. It is a national high-tech enterprises, for the production and processing of products strictly implement national standards.


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