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Maintenance for preparing equipment of tungsten balls 


Maintenance for preparing equipment of tungsten balls 

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Maintenance for preparing equipment of tungsten balls 


The main equipment used in the preparation of tungsten balls by the method of disc pelletizing is disc pelletizing machine. The maintenance of the equipment can improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the loss of the equipment and thus improve the productivity of tungsten alloy balls.Then how to maintain the disc pelletizer? Zhuzhou Jinxin gave several suggestions.


1. Check the lubrication of each part and inject the right amount of lubricating oil in time


2. The raw material supply valve should not be opened until the ball plate rotates smoothly.


3. Regular fastening check (check when the equipment is running), check whether the bolt connection of the foundation and other parts is loose, and dispose of the loose parts in time.


4. The state of the gear meshing working surface should be checked regularly, especially in the early stage of work. When the tooth surface is grazed, if the grazed area is not greater than 20% of the working surface of the tooth surface, the stone and scraper are allowed to be slightly trimmed.


5. When the motor is running, check whether the current and voltage are within the allowable range, whether the joint is heated, and whether the grounding system is in good condition.If found abnormal conditions should be dealt with in time.

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The above is the maintenance advice of the disc pelletizer for the preparation of tungsten balls. Zhuzhou Jinxin has more than ten years of experience in the production and processing of cemented carbide products. The technicians and operators are very familiar with the products and equipment. They operate the equipment in strict accordance with the production operation specifications, comply with the production process documents, safety and equipment operation procedures, and implement the product quality standard process procedures.It is a cooperative enterprise which is worthy to be entrusted with the production and processing of cemented carbide products.



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