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Basic operation for preparing equipment of tungsten ball


Basic operation for preparing equipment of tungsten ball

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Basic operation for preparing equipment of tungsten ball


Disc pelletizing machine is a common equipment for preparing tungsten balls. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment, auxiliary electrical equipment must be equipped for starting the equipment and installed in a place convenient for operation to ensure the normal operation and safety of the motor.Its working principle is: the mixture through the belt conveyor into the disk, water supply device according to the degree of dryness to adjust the amount of water, sprinkled on the material, in the rotation of the disk, the material in the disk roll gradually form a ball, under the action of the scraper, so as to meet the requirements of the material ball conveying to the next process.Next, let's understand the basic operation method of the disc pelletizer for preparing tungsten alloy balls.

(1) Control the amount of mixture.

(2) Adjust the method of water supply and the amount of water supply according to the condition of ball material in the raw ball machine.

(3) Judge the ratio of raw materials according to the status of raw balls and give timely feedback.

(4) Control the quality of raw balls to meet the roasting needs.

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In the process of preparing tungsten alloy balls, in order to avoid the effect of pellet formation, the large blocks or large balls that cannot be arranged should be eliminated manually in time.This process requires professional operation. 80% of the operators in Zhuzhou Jinxin have more than 3 years of work experience, the new staff have been taken training and examination the "safety production knowledge", operation manual, use practice drill and so on before work, qualified can be on duty, so the production of tungsten ball are high quality, trustworthy.

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