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 High Wear Resistance Carbide Strips


 High Wear Resistance Carbide Strips

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 High Wear Resistance Carbide Strips


Tungsten carbide strips, also called tungsten carbide long bar, tungsten carbide square bar, etc., is one of the carbide shapes, named because of its long bar shape. It is commonly used to make high wear-resistant parts on precision machinery and instruments. The tungsten carbide long bar produced by Zhuzhou Jinxin is of good quality, with high hardness and good bending strength as well as acid and alkali resistance without rusting, which is widely used and trusted by customers worldwide. The following do how to buy tungsten carbide long bar to share with you.

1, When buying tungsten carbide strips must understand its hard combination grade, but also the physical properties of tungsten carbide strips parameters, this is crucial!

2, to check its shape size, the shape size of the appropriate tungsten carbide strips can reduce your deep processing time, thus improving your production efficiency and reduce your processing costs.

carbide strips

3, pay attention to test the flatness of the plane, symmetry and other shape tolerance, shape tolerance accuracy of the carbide strips made of higher quality products, processing is also much simpler.

4, Check whether its edges are chipped, chipped corners, rounded corners, rubber, bulging, deformation, warping, over-burning and other undesirable phenomena. Qualified tungsten carbide strips will not have the above bad phenomena.


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