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What is tungsten wire drawing die?


What is tungsten wire drawing die?

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What is tungsten wire drawing die?


Wire drawing dies usually refer to various dies for drawing metal wires, and also for drawing optical fibers. All wire drawing dies have a hole in the center of the die of a certain shape, round, square, octagonal or other special shape. As the metal is pulled through the hole, the size becomes smaller and even the shape changes. Steel dies are sufficient for drawing soft metals (e.g., gold and silver) and can have multiple holes of different diameters.

tungsten carbide wire drawing dies

Tungsten carbide wire drawing die, i.e. drawing die, refers to various dies for drawing metal wires. Its production is simple, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, using high-quality cemented carbide as the core, with high hardness, good thermal conductivity and small friction coefficient. Wire drawing dies are widely used, mainly for drawing bars, wires, wire tubes and other linear and other straight line objects which is difficult to process.

The typical structure of this die is a cylindrical (or slightly tapered) carbide die core closely set in a round steel sleeve, the inner hole of the core has a bell radius, entrance angel, deformation (work) angle, sizing band (bearing) and exit angle (back relief).

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