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The adavantages of end milling methods for carbide endmills


The adavantages of end milling methods for carbide endmills

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The adavantages of end milling methods for carbide endmills


There are three common milling methods for carbide end mills, namely: symmetrical milling, asymmetrical reverse milling, and asymmetrical smooth milling. The criteria for differentiation are based on the different relative positions between the milling cutter and the workpiece, and the presence of smooth and reverse milling when asymmetrical.


Symmetric milling is mainly used in smaller feeds per tooth when milling hardened steel, so that the cutter teeth cut into the workpiece beyond the cold hard layer, and this way has the average cutting thickness.


Asymmetric reverse milling is generally used in milling carbon steel and general alloy steel, which can reduce the impact when cutting into the workpiece and more than double the life of carbide face mills.


Asymmetric smooth milling is used for machining stainless steel and heat resistant alloys, which can reduce the spalling wear of carbide and can increase the cutting speed by 40% to 60%.

ball nose endmill

Above are the advantages of the three end milling methods, milling processing is one of the commonly used processing methods, plane milling is also a basic element in the machining of mechanical parts, and end milling is one of the commonly used inplane milling, we could choose the right method according to the advantages of end milling and your own needs, so as to improve the milling efficiency, extend the life of carbide milling cutter and so on.


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