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 Application and classification of tungsten carbide roll


 Application and classification of tungsten carbide roll

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 Application and classification of tungsten carbide roll


Tungsten carbide rolls are one of the materials in great demand in steel mills, and it is mainly divided into four categories: high-speed wire rolls, new generation of high-speed wire hot rolling rolls, new generation of high-speed wire review rolls, and cold-rolled three-dimensional rolls.


 The carbide rolls produced by Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Company have better thermal conductivity, higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and good general performance, which obviously reduces the depth and width of thermal cracks in the rolling groove during rolling and reduces the risk of roll shattering.


The new generation of high-speed wire hot rolling rolls has higher impact resistance, thermal fatigue resistance and high wear resistance compared with high-speed wire hot rolling rolls, and is suitable for high-speed wire rolling at speeds over 100 m/s.

tungsten carbide rolls

 The new generation of high-speed wire rod composite rolls can significantly reduce the number of slot and roll changes, reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity, improve the surface quality of the rolled material and the percentage of finished material in the front frame of rebar and bar mills, thus obtaining significant economic benefits.


 Cold-rolled ribbed steel bars rolled with cold-rolled three-dimensional rolls have beautiful surface appearance, high dimensional accuracy, clear rib marks, and change the performance of ribbed steel bars to improve their strength. The volume of one rolling is (800-1500 tons), which is (20-50) times higher than that of ordinary tool steel material. It can be repeatedly resharpened and used, which greatly reduces the cost and significantly improves the effectiveness and efficiency.



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