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 Usags of Tungsten Carbide Plates


 Usags of Tungsten Carbide Plates

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 Usags of Tungsten Carbide Plates

People often ask what are carbide plates used for. Next, Zhuzhou Jinxin will tell you what are the usages and production processes of tungsten carbide plates.

Tungsten carbide plate is mainly used to make cast iron rolls and high nickel chromium roll finishing cutting tools and to make unloading plates, stamping concave dies, convex dies, electronic progressive dies and other stamping dies.tungsten carbide plates

Zhuzhou Jinxin adopts the technology of cold isostatic pressing, pressure sintering and super deep cooling treatment to produce various kinds of wear-resistant cemented carbide plates, which can effectively eliminate the internal porosity of cemented carbide plates and also greatly eliminate the internal stress, improve the metallographic organization and avoid the cracks in the cutting and forming process of the plates.

We can choose the suitable alloy grade according to the actual use of the customer and the materials to be processed. The grades and specifications are complete and the blanks are accurate in size (reducing machining allowance, improving productivity and cost). We can also make mirror polish, chamfer, punch, wire cut, etc.



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