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Operating requirement of carbide roller ring


Operating requirement of carbide roller ring

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Operating requirement of carbide roller ring


Carbide roller ring is a kind of high hardness and high wear resistance tool composed of tungsten carbide and bonded metal. To make carbide leather ring give full play to its advantages of high wear resistance, long life and high efficiency in high speed wire rod rolling, attention should be paid to the following matters when purchasing and using carbide series ring:


1. The choice of grade, according to the demand for the rack to choose the matching grade


2. Use the correct method to install the roller ring


3. Cooling and cooling water quality, cooling is to reduce the rolling ring rolling thermal corrosion, thermal fatigue and thermal stress on the role of the leather ring, to prevent the series ring rupture, delay the spread of cracks.


4. Reasonable rolling volume, do not over-rolling.


5. Grinding of rolling groove, rolling groove will appear micro-cracks when rolling to a certain time, need to grind away micro-cracks.

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