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Installation of carbide roller ring


Installation of carbide roller ring

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Installation of carbide roller ring


Zhuzhou Jinxin is an old enterprise for more than ten years, and has certain experience in the production and installation of carbide roller ring, so we would share the installation of carbide roller ring with you.


1, Mixing: The difference of the series diameter of the same stick diameter on the same frame should be 0, not more than ±0.05mm.


2,  Before installing the stick, the rolling ring and cone sleeve should be put under 25-3 C constant temperature to keep warm, while pouring hot water on the stick shaft, or idle for 20-30 minutes first to make it warm up.


3, The set of series ring and the assembly on the machine should be done strictly according to the accuracy required by the design process, and the fit between the ring and the frame leather shaft and cone sleeve should be suitable, not too tight or too loose; if it is too tight, the series ring will be in big tension, and the slight rolling force fluctuation will break the series ring; if it is too loose, the relative sliding between the series ring and the shaft and cone sleeve in rolling will scrape the cone sleeve and series shaft, thus causing the breakage.


4, Check whether the rolled ring meets the requirements, and scrub the assembly surface of rolled ring, cone sleeve and shaft carefully, and forbid to hit the leather ring with hammer or other hard objects, and forbid to collide with each other during transportation and installation, in order to prevent damage to the ring.

carbide roller ring

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