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 Special Technology Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs


 Special Technology Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

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 Special Technology Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

Carbide rotary burr, also known as carbide rotary milling cutter, carbide die milling cutter, etc., is used with high speed electric mill or pneumatic tools.

The carbide rotary burr can process all kinds of metal (including all kinds of hardened steel) and non-metal (such as marble and jade bone). The hardness of the workpiece can reach HRC70. It can replace the small grinding wheel with handle for most of the work, and there is no powder pollution.It has the advantages of good processing quality, high finish, fast cutting efficiency and long service life. It can be used to process high precision mold cavities of various shapes.Convenient to grasp, simple to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.

Carbide rotary burrs are mainly used for:

(1) finishing all kinds of metal mold cavity, such as shoe mold and so on.

(2) all kinds of metal and non-metal carving, carving of craft gifts.

(3) clean up the flaps, burrs and welds of casting, forging and welding parts, such as machine foundry, shipyard and automobile factory.

(4) all kinds of mechanical parts of the chamfering round and groove processing, cleaning pipes, finishing the surface of the inner hole of the mechanical parts, such as machinery factory, repair shop, etc.

(5) the repair of the impeller runner part, such as the automobile engine factory.


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